The Immigrant trail

The immigrant trail will offer you a 112 km long hiking trail in the surroundings of Vilhelm Mobergs childhood. You will walk through Mobergs native place and will experience a journey through time and place. We hope that you’re hiking tour will bee as pleasant as possible and full of good memories and experiences.

The Immigrant trail is approximately 120 km long and is crossing three communes, Emmaboda, Lessebo and Tingsryd.

These three communes can in cooperation present a digital map over the Immigrant area. You can also go by bike or motorbike.

If you click on the link below you can check where you want to walk, bicycle or drive motorbike. Then you click on the part you want to print out. If you want a big map over the hole area you can bye one at the tourist office or at the community house. Jan Hagström, Emmaboda Commune tnr. 0471-181 28 at a cost of 70 kr.

Homepage: www.utvandrarleden.se

The Stampa trail

The Stampa trail is a walk in time and place in the river valley of Lyckebyån. In community of Emmaboda there are three main villages. Algutsboda, Långasjö and Vissefjärda. These villages have been influenced in many different ways by the river of Lyckebyån as it is running through them all. In Algutsboda there are a several small waterfalls. From Åfors till Getasjökvarn, 9 km, there is a difference of 50 m. At the exhaust valve of Stampadammen there was earlier a crushing mill, where they were pulverizing bone to flour. An other type of crushing mill you will find at Åbyholm and at Stekaremåla. The trail is app. 7 km long with start and finish at Johansfors Glasbruk. There are several small waterfalls all along the trail that has been used as mills and smithies.

There are a free leaflet to the Stamp trail at Johansfors Glassworks or at the petrol station in Broakulla.

The Torsjö trail

In this hiking trail you are walking through a landscape which is very varying and beautiful. It is very influenced by the late period of the time of ice. The trail is app. 7 km long and follows small paths and driving roads. The vegetation is of various kinds as broad-leaf tree and pine- tree.

A display are showing where the Torsjö trail can bee found from road 120 east of Alsjö. You can also receive an information leaflet about The Torsjö trail at the community house tnr. 0471-181 28.