Paddle canoe in Lyckebyån

All along the river Lyckebyån you can paddle through very beautiful and natural scenery. The canoe trail between Lindås to Hindås is approximately 30 km long and has several places where you can start or stop. During this trip you will pass by for example Vissefjärda Wild-Camping, the old church stables which are a museum with café. You will also find a good place to take a brake or a swim at the scout house. In Slobodan there is also a good place for a brake with possibilities to swim or phone. It is possible to paddle from Vissefjärda to Mästarmåla when it is high water without taking the canoe up. That trail is 22 km. You can receive a description of the canoe trails at the renting firm or at the commune house tel. 0471-181 28.

web_Bild-126Canoes can be rented at:

Wildnis-Camp Flädingstorp, Vissefjärda,
Tfn: 0471-20439, 20200, 0708-912214, 0730-797811, or
Bilisten in Emmaboda. Tfn: 0471-120 05, 0708-393489.
They can offer canoes during spring and summer. With the canoes comes life jackets paddles and maps.