The natural fishing

fiskThe association ” The Natural Fishing” started in 1999 and has today 38 members of fishing companys.

They are all situated in the southern part of Sweden.

The members are typical small countryside companys an can together  offer a wide spectra of fishingexperiences.

The Natural Fishing association represents honesty, cooperation and high quality and good service.

The “Brand”

The natural fishing is a registered brand and is only attainable by the businesses that are a part of our membership pool. The brand represents the essence (soal) of the association.

Its tourist – fishing are run by well educated individuals who offer:

  • Exciting fishing experiences in genuine inland and archipelago environments for professionals and families.
  • Easy-access fishing areas with good chances of catch.
  • Good service.
  • Pleasant accommodation in combination with other activities.

Ex: The kingdom of Glas, beautiful nature, kanoing, trekking, bicycling and other normal tourist activities.

Specialities are a moospark or hyttsill in the glasfactories.